Neutrality statement

The Aspire Leaderboard is based on fair and independent evaluation of the participating vendors. To preserve our independence, Aspire, or any Aspire employee/analyst will not:

  • Own stock or shares in any of the participating vendors
  • Have a reseller or distribution relationship in place with any of the participating vendors
  • Be commissioned or remunerated in whatever form by participating vendors, with a goal to obtain higher ranking or positioning 

In addition, our commercial model for participating software, services and solutions providers is based on sponsorship. Our integrity is extremely important to us, and we recognize that our reputation is the most important asset that we have in the industry. Aspire values honesty, integrity and being transparent in how we assess vendors. 

Every vendor on the Leaderboard filled out an in-depth questionnaire, supported by one or more briefings. We have contacted every customer or partner that was referred to us by the vendors to get honest opinions on how the software is being used in practice. Furthermore, we have in-depth industry expertise and contacted many of our own contacts to independently verify and validate what we have learned from vendors and contacts.

Providing Feedback

If you are a technology user and willing to provide feedback, you can do so in two ways:

  1. Every profile page has a Net Promotor Score (NPS) form, which includes an open answer field where you can leave your feedback. Once we have collected a statistically valid number of NPS scores, we will provide that back to the community. Feel free to provide feedback as often as you'd like.
  2. Please send us an e-mail on to tell us we may contact you when we update our research. Your participation helps us to provide a better service to the community.